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Latest news: Coffee

Canberra’s The Cupping Room awarded Australia’s best flat white

Canberra's The Cupping Room is home to Australia's "best flat white" as voted by participants in the Uniquely Aussie Awards.

Seven ways to recycle your coffee grounds

While we all know the importance of reusable cups, many don’t know the wastage that comes from the coffee grounds themselves. There are a variety of ways you can reuse your used grounds at home. From cleaning, to gardening, they’re an eco-friendly alternative to many household items.

Canberra’s best cafes

Here is our list of the best cafes in Canberra. Click if you're looking for a coffee or a bite to eat in the nation's capital.

Whitlam’s new Heartbeat Café creates more than just coffee

Now open in Whitlam, the new Heartbeat Café sets out to build pathways to employment for young and vulnerable people and a vibrant community space for residents.

Plunger, espresso, filter? Just because your coffee is bitter, doesn’t mean it’s ‘stronger’

Coffee – one bean with many possibilities. A big choice is how to brew it: espresso, filter, plunger, percolator, instant and more.

WIN! Subscribe in June to win a prize

Subscribe to a Canberra Daily digital newsletter during the month of June for your chance to win a tea and coffee gift box, including coffee maker, mugs and cookbooks (total value well over $100).

Canberra’s best breakfast cafes

Here is a list of Canberra's best breakfast cafes. Click here if you're looking for tasty breakfast with a warm atmosphere in Canberra.

Canberrans in Cars Getting Coffee: Robert de Castella takes a ride with Nick Samaras

CW founder Nick Samaras takes a Lexus LC 500 convertible to catch up with Rob de Castella for Canberrans in Cars Getting Coffee.

Food for thought: Australians might indulge in coffee more than sex

A recent study showed that coffee beat sex as Australians’ number one guilty pleasure. The research, conducted by Jamaica Blue in celebration of International Coffee Day last week, surveyed over 1,000 Aussie...

Brazil chill imperils coffee, orange crops

Temperatures have fallen in swathes of Brazil - with rare snowfall in some places - as a polar air mass advanced toward the country's centre-south to threaten coffee, sugarcane and orange crops with frosts.

Belconnen welcomes Forrest Specialty Coffee

Belconnen’s newest go-to café is set to bring a “finer dining brunch spot” to the Town Centre.