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Latest news: Exercise

Local charity running towards suicide-free Canberra

Could Canberra be a suicide-free city by 2033? That is the mission of the group of passionate and community-minded individuals spearheading Running for Resilience (R4R). Launching in 2019, the weekly running initiative...

Improve flexibility in just eight minutes a week

A study from the University of South Australia has discovered it takes as little as eight minutes each week to optimise flexibility progress.

Kickstart family connection with GKR Karate

Martial arts have found a new fanbase in a post-pandemic world with more Canberrra region locals training with GKR Karate.

Canberra ninjas helping keep kids fit … but shh, it’s a secret

Stealthy, agile, coordinated, and with cool costumes, ninjas make the perfect fitness role models –and one Canberra crew is sharing their skills at secret training camps.

Exercise more effective than medicines to manage mental health

A new study shows that physical activity is 1.5 times more effective than counselling or the leading medications.

10 minutes of aerobic exercise with exposure therapy reduces PTSD symptoms: study

A short burst of aerobic exercise is believed to promote a molecule in the brain that is crucial for learning to feel safe.

Men exercise on time borrowed from women, ANU study finds

Men appear to “borrow” free time from their female partners to keep up their exercise but women don’t get the same time in return which puts women's health at risk, according to new research from The Australian National University.

Spring clean your body and mind

One of the joys of living in Canberra is that we get to experience four distinct seasons.

All-over autumn workout

This week, let’s have a look at a good autumn workout to keep fit and healthy over these cooler months.

More sleep or more exercise: the best time trade-offs for children’s health

More sleep could offset children’s excess indulgence over school holidays as new research from the University of South Australia shows the same health benefits may be achieved by either extra sleep or extra exercise.

Free access to the YMCA for ACT Year 12 students

Attention stressed-out Year 12 students: did you know you can access the YMCA’s pool and gym facilities for free during your exam period? The YMCA, or the Y, has been running its ‘Take...

Working out post-pregnancy

Let’s have a look at some of the exercises and plans that may be of help for you after you’ve had your baby.

Plan your morning ritual

Capital Hydrotherapy’s Kirra Rankin shows us how to better manage and plan our morning rituals for the best possible start to the day.

Fitness foundation: seven of the best exercises

With these seven exercises you can build a solid foundation for your health and fitness.

Walking is the new 2020: just be smart about it

Local Exercise Physiologist, Kirra Rankin, offers great advice for those who find they’ve been walking a lot more since health restrictions around COVID-19 temporarily closed many fitness facilities and put boot camps on hold.

Exercise can help stop liver cancer, research shows

New research shows exercise can stop liver cancer – the fastest increasing cause of cancer death in Australia. The new finding could help prevent the most common type of liver cancer –...